Ken Taylor Biography

Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor is known nationally as “America’s Corporate & Personal Coach.” He is president of Ken Taylor & Associates, Inc., a training and consulting company that specializes in fleet and commercial automotive.

Ken wrote the exclusive training program for sales and sales management used by General Motors Fleet and Commercial and has delivered this training to GM dealerships nationally for several years. This program is the highest rated program by participants in the history of GM Common Training! In addition to training and consulting with GM, Ken’s group provides dealership-level training and consulting with a hands-on approach to developing a more highly evolved sales process. Ken has also worked with other companies in the automotive industry including The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, Adrian Steel, Commercial Truck Trader, and Royal Truck Body.

Ken’s work with individual commercial dealerships has been an incredible success. By incorporating sales and marketing systems, even brand new sales consultants have been able to reach a high level of sales in less than six months!

Ken also works with the Chrysler Corporation training their large fleet division and acting as a professional coach to more than twenty five of their top fleet and commercial personnel, and their retail management team. This successful program is in its fourth year and has helped improve productivity. The program has been highly praised by Chrysler management. Ken is also working closely with the Chrysler Business Link program for small commercial. He has spoken at major events to promote this program.

Ken’s professional coaching program also includes corporate executives, athletes, and NFL and college coaches. In addition to Ken’s automotive clients, he has worked with Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, General Electric, and many others.

Ken has written nearly 2,000 articles, three dozen training programs, and has been on radio and television. Commercial Truck Training is a culmination of hundreds of techniques and programs that give any commercial dealership the “winning edge.”

Residing in Ponte Vedra Beach with his wife, Ricki, Ken is a part-time Pole Vault Coach at the University of North Florida, and also activity participates in Masters Track and Field events throughout the country as a contestant.