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Thousands of sales professionals, sales managers, and business leaders across America are utilizing the services of a professional coach. They have discovered the incredible advantage of using a professional to keep them on track in reaching their professional and personal goals and objectives. Ken Taylor & Associates, Inc has been on the cutting edge of professional coaching for the last five years and the results of the program have been outstanding.

How does the personal coaching program work?

It starts with a detailed analysis of the current skill level and knowledge level of the coaching client. After the detailed evaluation, a personality test is utilized to gather information on communication style. From this point a goal setting and accountability program is established and written along with a formal business plan that is written and shared with the next level of management for approval or feedback.

If the coaching client is a commercial sales consultant, a prospecting plan is created and a detailed activity plan that reflects the number of appointments per day, sales contacts per day, and closing ratios is tracked and shared with management on a weekly basis. The commercial sales manager is always kept informed and is expected to coach the new sales consultant on a daily and weekly basis. The expectation of Ken Taylor & Associates, Inc. is a partnership with the dealership management team in getting the maximum results from every coaching client. How effective is the program. Here is what Nick Henshaw of Transwest had to say after only a few weeks on the program:

“I have been working with you now for only three weeks, and yet you have already made a profound impact on my career and personal life. With your direction, my performance at work has gone through the roof, and, thanks to you, I am now in the sights of all my upper management. You have given me not only the tools with which to take my sales performance to the next level, you have also given me the sincere and unexpected encouragement to believe that I can do it!”

When sales professionals in particular are held accountable and have created their own “buy in” to a plan for success, they are much more likely to succeed. They know their performance is being reviewed on a weekly and even daily basis and thus tend to stay on task at a much higher rate.

The coaching program has several advantages for the dealership:

  • More frequent contact for a longer period of time.
  • Far less expensive than an onsite program.
  • The longer term of the contact acts as a constant reinforcement to the goals and activities agreed upon.
  • Unlike a “one shot” seminar the key to the program is the intensive monthly follow up.
  • Unlike a seminar you get private one-on-one coaching customized for the individual.
  • Weekly feedback from the report analysis makes it easy and quick to make adjustments.
  • The program creates a direct line to the dealer principal so he or she knows exactly the status of the sales consultant.
  • Dealer management gets a detailed report weekly with suggestions for improvement.

This program is perfect for new sales consultants or more experienced sales professionals that have lost the edge in their sales efforts.

Ken Taylor & Associates is the only company that specializes in the commercial vehicle market and is the only service that provided one-on-one coaching to commercial sales consultants and managers. The investment in the service is front loaded based on the intensity of work that is required to start the program. Here is a breakdown of the investment:

1. Single sales consultant- $500 per month.

2. Two sales consultants- $450 each per month. ($900 total per month)

3. Three sales consultants- $400 each per month. (1200 total per month)

4. Four or more, call for quote.

To discuss getting started on the program and more details about how it works, email Ken or call 1-866-446-2966